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GDPR Monster

Get GDPR ready and develop your new compliant lead generation strategy

The new General Data Protection Regulations which will be enforced in the UK from May 2018 will change the way you market to both new and existing contacts. Here are the main changes you need to consider:

  • Digital marketing including e-mail and text messages will be limited to recipients who actively opted in to receive your communications.
  • You will not be able to continue sending communications to contact on the basis of inactivity
  • Contacts will be able to withdraw their consent at any point

What does it mean?

  • Your current database will reduce in size as not everyone will opt in to receive your communication
  • Your ability to buy new data lists will be limited, cost may increase and e-mail data may be unavailable in many cases
  • You will need to consider alternative tactics to allow you to approach new business and market to them

What can you do to make sure you are GDPR ready?

  • Research and define your target market segments  
  • Increase your current database
  • Review your current e-mail marketing strategy to increase opt in rates through ensuring it is segmented, well written and helpful
  • Revisit your direct marketing strategy to ensure it is geared towards alternative tactics

Our GDPR Package:

As lead generation is our business we have come out with a package to help you achieve the above and be GDPR Ready.

Click on the relevant statement below for more information on how we can support you becoming GDPR read:

2 days left until GDPR takes effect.
Is your business compliant?

The new General Data Protection Regulations will change the way you market to both new and existing contacts. Read how we can support you becoming GDPR ready:

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