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Keith Johnson, Mulberry Insurance Brokers

Download a PDF of this case studyKeith Johnson, Mulberry Insurance BrokersHaving started his career in insurance in 1974 as assistant to the assistant tea lady, Keith quickly built a reputation leading him into the broking team of a major international insurance company in London.  Based in Bristol since 1978, Keith is well known and respected within the industry and local market.

Having pursued a successful career of 42 years in insurance, nothing pleases Keith more than getting his head around complicated risk profiles and unique work environments.

Keith approached Yafit Davis of Your Business Development Team last year as part of his efforts to grow the business and develop his client base. To help set up the right lead generation activity, we created a detailed strategy which focused on the main target markets which Mulberry wanted to work with.

The strategy was then implemented through monthly activities concentrating on database development, e-mail marketing and telephone follow up. To ensure that we were providing value for money from the start, activities covered both following up with existing contacts who were coming up for renewal as well as approaching new business.

This strategy proved successful and provided Keith with some extremely useful contacts which he was able to develop and convert into clients. This was particularly useful when Mulberry lost a key client who sold his business in the beginning of the year. Although the loss was significant, the pipeline created by our activities allowed Keith to bounce back and grow his business further.

In Keith’s words:

From the very start you managed to prioritise my workflow and point me in the right direction by insisting that I concentrate on six main areas of insurance.

Thank you for taking the time to understand my business and then organize me to take advantage of insurance market conditions.

The new business that has come into my business over the last few month has been phenomenal and that success can be attributed to the work you have done for me

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