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Providing strategic Marketing support

Download a PDF of this case studyBased in Sleepy Newton St. Loe, on the edge of Bath, PM Property Services is owned and managed by Jane Pinna and Richard Mills. The company’s offer is simple; they provide great customer service and attention to detail, all backed up by appropriate professionals.

The company was launched in 2010 and initially provided property insurance claims management. 24 month ago it was decided to sepcialise in property managemnet services to leasehold properties. Richard and Jane had spent substantial time developing strong operational systems, allowing them to deliver a top rate service.

At the end of 2016 the company had a small portfolio of managed properties but it was clear that the operatiion had to grow to provide sustainble income going forward. It was at this point that Your Business Development team was called in to create a startegy jointly with Richard and Jane to deliver sales and business growth.

We have since supported the implementation of the growth plan through a variety of activities such as e-mail marketing and Social Media Management. The key to the success of our mutual work has been maintaining regular contact allowing us to adjust our activity to suit the evolving business reality. Our work with PM Property Services goes beyond delivering activities as we are able to understand their thought process and aspiration and back it with strategic marketing support.

Through our work to date we created the following lead generation systems:

  • Creating On-going clients and contacts communication to nature long standing business relationships and nurture new ones
  • Providing Sympathetic telephone follow-up to enhance communications and new contacts
  • Establishing relevant and helpful content strategy tapping into Richard’s wealth of knowledge
  • Activating PM’s Social Media activity promoting their useful content

What does the client say:

Richard Mills, Director PM Property Services

We use a marketing 'guru' Yafit Davis who has been brilliant for our business. She sits at the top of the marketing pile, works out what will work for your business and organises resources accordingly. So, she is not a one trick pony trying to force a certain method onto you. Our business has developed a great deal this year as a result of Your Business Development’s activity and introductions.

Richard Mills, Director, PM Property Services

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