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Sales Success Consultancy - Additional Pipeline Development Support

The problem:

Selling in a B2B environment can be challenging, particularly when selling high value products and services. Companies in this space tends to sell three types of products:

  1. Established products which are bought cyclically like insurance or IT. These markets are busy and crowded with competition, making differentiation hard.
  2. New products or products that are bought on an irregular pattern like new technologies, marketing or coaching. The key issue for these companies is to get in front of decision makers enough times to put their message across effectively.
  3. Companies who sell through third party distribution channels like manufacturers. These companies need to find a way to build strong relationships with their distribution channels to ensure their products are seen by consumers.

Whichever, category you fall into, you will need to ensure that your new business sales activity cover three elements: creating interest, nurturing it appropriately and converting it into sales.

Selling is a process of building and developing a relationship that can take some time to firm up and yield results. To be effective the nurturing process need to be more specific and based on greater understanding of the prospects. Many companies fail to grasp this notion and let go of the process too soon thus missing out on sales.

Additional Pipeline Development Support

Our solution:

At YBDT we approach things differently because we understand that new leads are often very initial and require a structured nurturing process to yield a sale. As a result, we offer our clients additional support to improve sales conversion as another step of our pipeline management.

The service will particularly concentrate on the third and final stage of the lead generation funnel, when prospects have been identified and contacted but are yet to purchase. Our offer covers three main areas:

  • Improving your understanding of key opportunities: This will see our team calling prospects on your pipeline to find out more in-depth information about their needs and situation. The calls are designed to move the opportunity further down the funnel through understanding how we can best support them and interact with them next. The information will be passed on to your team and help you decide how to best continue the nurturing process.
  • Creating a tailored follow up process: This is a consultancy and training process designed to help your team create an effective follow up and nurturing process in-house including:
    • Review of your current sale process to ascertain what is currently included
    • Review your key opportunities and your relationship with them
    • Creating a workable and effective follow up process which fits in your overall sale process
    • Training and mentoring including regular pipeline reviews to ensure the new process is embedded and developed
  • Improving CRM management: This is a consultancy and training process designed to ensure that your CRM reflects your new sale process and is used effectively to support it. We will use our experience of setting and using CRMs to offer the following:
    • Review of your current CRM system in relation to your sales process 
    • Providing recommendations to develop and upgrade the system so it supports your process better
    • Updating your CRM to set up the new recommendations and enable the new process
    • Training the team to ensure they can use it successfully


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