Your Biz Dev Team-SME Survey
Marketing activity
Business Development for SMEs Survey - Main Findings
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Target Market 
How important is it to identify your target markets?
Is it important to consider your competition in your strategy?
Do you run continuous marketing and lead generation activity?.
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Source of Business 
Where does most of your business come from?
Created with Highcharts 4.0.4Existing ClientsNew ClientsNew Clients
Created with Highcharts 4.0.4resourcesmoneystrategytime management010203040
What's stopping you?
What do you find hardest about business development?
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Do you currently measure your sales activity and lead generation?
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Business Development Plan
Have you got one?
Who does the selling in the Business?

What Did I learn?

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Created with Raphaël 2.1.2
  1. Competition is important
  2. Target markets are important
  3. 68% of those surveyed have a plan-31% do not...
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Created with Raphaël 2.1.2
  1. Most of you are pro-active
  2. In most micro SMEs the Owner does the selling
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Created with Raphaël 2.1.2
  1. Most of those surveyed measure their lead generation & sales activity
  2. Most new business comes from existing clients
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Created with Raphaël 2.1.2
  1. #1 Lack of strategy
  2. #2 Lack of resources
  3. #3 Time Management
Created with Highcharts 4.0.4OwnerBDMEveryone010203040506070
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