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Here are some useful ways to use a bunch of talented telemarketing and customer services executives…

Your Business Development Team's Telemarketing & Customer Services Executices

The current climate is new to us all and is not a type of crisis we have dealt with before, beyond watching a few films. It poses a lot of challenges but one of them is the question of marketing and lead generation and how to carry on effectively getting your business out there.

Some companies are cutting back on everything, others are worried about sending the wrong message and appear to be profiteering from the situation. But many companies just want to communicate business as usual to help gain back some normality and keep going. Certainly, from telemarketing and email campaigns we have carried out this week, there is no sign that people have disappeared or not interested in speaking to our clients.

So, what can you do to support your company over the next weeks and months? That depends greatly on your industry and service but many people I am speaking to are busy diversifying and adjusting to the new situation. Like everybody else, we have seen our turnover reduce providing us with spare capacity which we would like to utilise. We have therefore decided to offer our telephone expertise to companies who may choose to use us to support their operation through their new way of working.

We are proud of our team of telemarketing executives who between them have vast industry experience and can use their versatile style to support you with a variety of needs including:

  1. Getting in touch with your customers to promote your new work set up, ensuring they are still placing business with you
  2. Promoting new and existing services to your target market to book remote appointments and start new conversations and relationships
  3. Following up on proposals and communications, ensuring you get through to more people
  4. Following up on invoices and overdue payments

If we have struck a chord and you think we might be able to help you, give us a call to discuss this further.  We are flexible and can help with longer, strategic projects or short- term specific tasks.

Look forward to speaking soon!

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