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Why are we doing this?

Ever since I remember, I have always liked to create order out of chaos, simplify everything, say it in a clearer, more precise way.  As my career in business development evolved, I found that using my skill of simplifying a process, defining the choices and painting a clear picture was key to my success. Over the years the company grew and I now have a brilliant team of business developers around me to ensure we can help you achieve your sales  goals

When I decided to launch Your Business Development Team, I did so because I wanted to share this skill with other business owners who want to grow their business, helping them identify their growth opportunities and acting on them.

Your Business Development Team

What is business development then?

For the last 15 years I have worked with a large number of business owners who find the world of sales and marketing frustrating and confusing. I have seen the situation getting worse since the web and Social Media evolved and took centre stage. For a small business owner there is so much choice out there that growing your business has become even more time consuming, costly and confusing.

Yet you cannot give up on developing and growing your business. That is why you should consider business development because it starts from identifying your opportunities and then works backwards to identify the quickest, most effective way to get there.

How do we do it?

Maya Davis YBDT Angel PhotoWe practise what we preach and keep things simple and clear:

  • We start with a plan…I am sure you have heard it before; how can you get there if you don’t know where are you going?
  • We work with you to understand your target markets, product offering and sales process
  • We go away and work out where lies your main opportunities and come up with a plan
  • We then work with you to deliver and achieve this plan

Get in touch to find out more.

Here is one reason to get in touch:

'The plan opened my eyes to an extra revenue stream that I hadn't even considered!'
Carolyn Anderson, Mediatube

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