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Your Business Development Ltd Cookie Policy

What do we do with cookies information collected on our website?

We measure who has visited what page, when and how long so we can identify how well we are doing and how we can improve

What we don’t do with cookies information collected on our website?

We do not use them for advertising, contacting anyone directly or sharing any information with third parties

What are Cookies?

Generally, cookies are safe and make your web browsing easier. They are small text files which helps us, and other website understand the users requirements better thus make the site more responsive and effective.  Some cookies are used to help advertisers profile users, so they can tailor specific offers for users. 

Types of Cookie

We use guidance published by the ICC, the UK International Chamber of Commerce. You can read it all here.

How to Stop Cookies

Whilst your browser will allow cookies by default you can change this setting if you so wish. For more details see your browser help.

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