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What do First Corporate Legal Services say About us:

As a company we recognised that in order to expand we needed to be more proactive. Since utilising Yafit’s business development strategy we have seen a positive response from our marketed client base resulting in new users, new orders and this encourages us to expand into areas of the country we have previously neglected

Graham Stephans, MD, First Corpoarte Legal Services


Your Business Development Team AngelWhat do the Contemporary College of Homoeopathy say about us;

Yafit has been important for us because marketing is not our forte and she has helped us focus on this aspect of running a business.  It is early days yet but already her ability to network and organise is paying dividends. She is fun to work with and is dynamic without being ‘pushy’- as some marketing folk can tend to be. She has spent a lot of time researching our needs and the best avenues to explore and develop.  For us this is a long term investment and we are confident  that she will deliver what we need ,to expand and thrive in a difficult market..
Mike Bridger, Principle, The Contemporary College of Homoeopathy


What do Desktop Enterprise say about us:

Very good. You digested a lot of information, asked good questions and came up with a plan that is understandable and able to be implemented.  Having no clear idea about business development and how to take my company forward, I felt the need to put my trust in a professional to show me the initial steps. I am very happy to put that trust in Yafit
Mick O'Connor, Desktop Enterprise


What do David Hutton Interiors say about us:

It's great to have someone allocated to looking after the development side of our business on a regular basis which frees David and I to focus on the general day to day running of our business.

In a small business, time and resources are always limited and the service Yafit offers is therefore of great help. It means that we can rely on an expert to carry on our business development activities consistently ensuring an even flow of work and on-going development of new contacts.
Nicola Hutton, David Hutton Interiors


What do Spot On Mortgages say about us:

I always know where I am and what we are doing regarding the plan for our social media and E-mail marketing campaigns. It is a great benefit to be able to write some notes on a subject (difficult for me as it is) then pass these on to someone who you know will then create a good newsletter/blog and post this out on time, as planned.

I would recommend Your Business Development Team to anyone who feels they need to increase their social media presence but just hasn't the time or the knowledge to do so themselves.

Ian Le Petit, Spot on Mortgages


Here is what our clients say about their Business Development Plans:

Very good it opened my eyes to an extra revenue stream that I hadn't even considered!

Carolyn Anderson, Mediatube


Yafit and I worked together on a business plan for my photography business in December 2015. My issue in the past has been the huge number of options for marketing which frankly have made me confused and unclear as to the way forward. Yafit has helped me clarify my goals and pick the most effective methods and places to market my business. She is approachable, organised and professional and I have achieved more in the first two weeks of 2016 than I probably achieved in the last 6 months of 2015

Janette Edmonds, Beatifully Photography


Yafit took the time to fully understand our business model and I'm expecting some great ideas/recommendations on how to move forward

Nicola Hutton, David Hutton Interiors


I was Inspired

Andy Clarke, Green Door Electrics


Very useful. It has helped clarify where we are, what we are trying to do and how to get the journey started. Many thanks.

Stuart Sermon, TP Telecom


We are launching a new website product. Yafit identified a whole bunch of things we should do, and even some improvements we should to our own website! We'd thoroughly recommend her services to anyone wishing to build a small business.

Mark Fielden, BlueTree Web design


I enjoyed the thought process and making time to think about the commercial work we have now planned for. It was really helpful to hear about my competitors from a third person point of view and to have a detailed plan of action at the end of the consultation. I'm very pleased! Thank you!

Anne Wilson, Anne Cleans Houses

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