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Stage 2: Start your journey of outsourcing business development

Medium Lead Generation Campaign Temperature GraphicThis stage is aimed at those who want some business development support but are not quite ready to go for full outsourced support. We will provide you with monthly lead generation activity for you to follow up and nurture with our guidance and support. So, it's a partnership where you can learn new skills whilst utilizing our extensive business development experience to ensure you get tangible results. Options include a number of bundles detailed below.

1. Email Marketing campaigns:

Aim: Introduce your brand to new markets and provide them with helpful information and tips which puts you at an expert position in their eyes. Promote your website and improve monthly visits and traffic. Activity will include:

  • Creating and sending out monthly email campaign including reporting (this can be segmented to a variety of target markets).
  • Follow up emails to clicks and opens.

The package will include a full report of engagement with the campaign as well as follow up emails allowing you to follow up and achieve further value.

2. LinkedIn campaign:

Aim: Identifying and connecting with companies within your target markets, sending them branded information and adding them to your network so you can build a relationship with them. Activities will include:

  • Data research and list creation
  • LinkedIn messaging and connecting

The package will include a monthly report of the leads we have sent messages to, allowing you to follow up and achieve further value.

3. Content Marketing campaign:

Aim: Creating engaging and helpful content via blogs and regular LinkedIn posts to increase brand awareness and support relationship building. This can be used alongside an email or LinkedIn campaign to improve return. Activities will include:

  • Two monthly Blogs
  • Additional weekly posting
  • Multi-channel support

The package will include a report covering monthly posting engagement.

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