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Unplanned purchases

Unplanned PurchasesDo you provide a new product or a product that businesses buy less frequently?

For example, you might be operating within the following industries or similar: Software development, marketing, financial services, web designers, coaches, consultants

When it comes to business development your key challenges are:

  • As your prospects have not planned to buy your product, they have no assigned budget for it. This means that identifying key issues is key to moving the opportunity forward
  • You need to get in front of companies in your target market enough times to attract sufficient interest
  • A big portion of your business development campaign needs to be dedicated to educating the market. This requires specific messages and on-going outreach which takes time

Key advantages of using our services to support business development:

Our strategic outreach and regular nurturing activities will help you solve your key issues and get value from your marketing including:

  • Identifying specific issues and requirements
  • Developing and delivering specific messages
  • Developing you brand identity within your target market
  • Building and nurturing relationships

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