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Helping You Close More Sales

The problem:

In the words of Wanda Allan, 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact yet, 90% of sales people make 3 contacts or less. Current market conditions make lead nurturing an absolute must. With many companies choosing to defer any decisions until clarity is restored, keeping in touch will increase your chances of winning the project later. What can you do to encourage your sales team to follow up more often?

Helping You Close More Sales

Many sales managers and business owners conclude that their sales professionals must work harder but often they are stretched in lots of directions having to keep existing customer happy, while also prospecting for new business. Another problem is that many sales people are not sure how to follow up effectively.

A possible solution:

The answer is to work smarter rather than harder. At YBDT, lead nurturing is a key part of the support we offer our clients. We identified that having a clear sales process is a great way to ensure you have an effective follow up system. That said, we think that many companies fail to create an effective process that is used across the board. To support our clients and contacts, we are launching a series of quarterly seminars to cover key elements to creating a sales process and using it successfully.  Want to learn more?

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How to follow up effectively on Tuesday 23/03/21, 12:00- 13:00
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What will be covered in the first webinar?

  1. YBDT Lunchtime Webinar LogoBuying personas: To ensure that you follow up in an effective manner you need to consider the person on the other end of the phone. Approaching a person in the right manner and you win their trust but if you fail to do that you can lose an opportunity. Jonathan O’Shea of The Alternative Board will share his knowledge of DISC buying persona to help get a better sense of the prospects on your pipeline.
  2. Setting up a follow up system: This is something we know a few things about as it is a key part of our service. Yafit Davis, MD of YBDT will be sharing tips and ideas to help you set up a follow up system to better engage your sales force and prospects.

Who are the presenters?


Jonathan O’Shea, TAB Business Owner, Bristol:

Jonathan O'SheaA highly experienced and successful senior executive, with over 30 years in business.  Jonathan started his career as an accountant in public practice before moving into the not for profit sector, first as Finance Director and then Chief Executive, overseeing multi-million-pound organisations employing up to 200 people.

Jonathan has a proven track record in identifying solutions that ensure businesses can operate more efficiently and effectively. He also has particular expertise in retail, property management, property development, investments and fund management.


Yafit Davis, MD, YBDT:

Yafit DavisFor the last 15 years I have worked with a large number of businesses who find the evolving face of sales challenging at times. I have seen the situation getting worse since the web and Social Media evolved and took centre stage. For sales directors and managers there is so much choice out there that business development has become even more time consuming, costly and confusing.

Yet you cannot give up on business development or sales as it is at the heart of your business growth. That is why I launched Your Business Development Team in 2015. I now spend my time helping business create effective sales strategies and improve their business development process and outcome.


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