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Sales & Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Support

We believe that to achieve significant development and growth you need to give it time and persistence. How long will depend on what we are trying to achieve and will be agreed based on the plan we make.  Anything we do will derive from our plan and will be a part of a strategic approach to act on opportunities and create growth with ongoing sales and marketing support. Here are some examples of what sales and marketing support can do for your business:

Marketing Campaigns follow up
If you already carry on some regular marketing activities in your business that is great news as you are half way there. We assume that these activities include a variety of web marketing, e-mail marketing, advertising, PR work and targeted campaigns.  This is helpful because it develops your profile on a variety of platforms as well communicating directly with your prospects and clients. In many cases, the activity does not include directly contacting prospects by telephone because it requires both time, aptitude and a particular skill set.

The reality is that most people hate making ‘cold’ calls.  We can take this off your busy schedule and add this important element of business development to your activities, ensuring that opportunities are developed to their full extent. Our activity will include:

o Reviewing e-mail data on a monthly/quarterly basis and identify interested parties who regularly opened the e-mails and clicked on links
o Receiving a brief from you regarding the product being promoted
o Making follow up calls to politely ask if they would like to speak to your company in more detail

New product launches and new market research
Even if you have a sales team or a business development manager you might want to consider using our sales support services if you are looking to explore new avenues for your business.  Call us to discuss how we can help you reduce your risk, cost and time wastage when you are considering the following:

o Promoting product launches and seminars
o Carrying out market research to identify demand for a new product or service
o Creating a database for a specific area
o Breaking into a new industry
o Improving/ changing your sales process
o Creating sales scripts for your team


Salesperson Support
One of the biggest challenges that an SME business owner faces is taking on a sales person to grow their business further. This process is difficult both from a management perspective, creating realistic targets and KPIs to ensure expectations are set and managed. We can help you ensure that your new sales person hits the ground running by creating a set of tools that they will need in order to approach the marketplace quicker.

Both initial marketing support and later sales support help you cost effectively outsource the groundwork to ensure your in-house sales team are provides with all the assistance, tools and expertise required to deliver optimum sales, month after month after month.

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