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1. Start-up lead generation strategy

Start up strategy plansThe problem start-up business owners face:

Launching your business is very exiting but also extremely hard work. One of the biggest challenges is having to wear all hats and fulfil all roles yourself. Being the operational manager as well as the sales director can often affect growth and give you plenty of cash flow problems. Our starter plan is designed to help give you a framework and direction to work to in order to take your business to market and create sales quicker.

Why consider a Business Development Plan?

  • A business development plan is an essential step towards achieving growth in your business as without it any activity will lack focus and will be harder to measure
  • The planning process is very helpful in itself to clarify your goals and required strategy
  • The plan will cover the initial research and analysis required to take your business to market. It is designed to work as an activity plan that you can follow to accelerate your start up business
  • The document is designed as a working document which you can update as you are getting further in your business development journey

What does the plan include?

  • A clear definition of your target markets
  • An analysis of the current opportunities for growth
  • Recommended campaign priorities
  • Next steps recommendation

The Planning Process:

Creating the plan will require an understanding of your business including your products, USPs and trading story to ensure that we can take it further in line with your aspirations. The process of creating the plan will include:

  • Completion of business questionnaire covering background, trading history, current products and target markets
  • SKYPE discussion covering all the information relating to your business, product and current situation as well as your thoughts regarding growing the business
  • Market research and analysis carried out by us to complete all aspects of the plan document
  • Review and agreement of the plan with you including next steps

2. Business Development tools creation

Once you have your lead generation strategy sorted you are in a position to start generating some leads and making sales. Only sometimes, depending on your experience and skill set, you might need some help in setting up some tools to help you in your journey. Using our experience in business development, lead generation and all things sale we will be able to help you setting up. We offer training and mentoring session covering a number of tools and skills for example:

  • LinkedIn searches and connections
  • E-mail marketing set up and design
  • Telephone follow up skills
  • Sales process creation and set up
  • On-going sales and marketing mentoring sessions

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Want some ideas to promote your start up business? Watch video

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