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Sales Team Mentoring and Support

Whilst we are all motivated by different things, evidence on the outcomes of mentoring indicates that effective mentoring relationships can improve outcomes both for individuals' career development and for their productivity. This is particularly true when it comes to ensuring a training programme proves effective.

Once the sales strategy and goals are set, your team will need to make a start on the activities required. The nature of new business development work requires resilience, rapid problems shooting and the ability to adapt and change.   Our mentoring sessions will help to provide practice, support, and further development of your sales skills as detailed below:

Programme objective: Ensuring that the training and strategies are built into your day-to-day work. Supporting you and helping build confidence and resilience.

Session’s structure: monthly 1-2-1 mentoring sessions delivered remotely.
Individual session objective: Each session will aim to trouble shoot and progress current activities. This will help achieving overall targets quicker. In the sessions I will cover:

  • Reviewing their monthly progress against activity goals and KPIs
  • Providing specific trouble shooting and support to tackle current issues
  • Supporting on-going planning and continues work towards achieved goals
  • Reviewing of current pipeline and the best way to move sales forward


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