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Improving your understanding of key opportunities to improve sales conversion:

Understanding of Key OpportunitiesThis service will particularly concentrate on the third and final stage of the lead generation funnel, when prospects have been identified and contacted but are yet to purchase.

According to Daniel Kahneman, there are two factors that explain buying behaviour:

  • Status Quo bias: unless people perceive an urgent reason to change, they will stick with the status quo
  • Loss Aversion Effect: when organisations rationalize the need for change, the motivation to invest to avoid a probable loss is twice as powerful as the motivation to achieve a potential gain

This means that if you understand the issues and problems that make the prospect life hard you are much more likely to sell to them. Yet, many people find asking difficult questions uncomfortable and can miss key opportunities.

To remedy this, we will deploy our specialist business development team to call prospects on your pipeline and find out more in-depth information about their needs and situation. The calls are designed to move the opportunity further down the funnel through understanding how we can best support them and interact with them next. The information will be passed on to your team and help you decide how to best continue the nurturing process.

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