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Yafit Davis: Founder and owner

Photo of Yafit Davis: Founder and owner of Your Business Development TeamI have lived in the South West since 2001 and now live in Clevedon with my family.  Having travelled in Southeast Asia and Australia, I found happiness in this corner of the UK enjoying the open space and access to water in North Somerset, close by to the vibrant urban environment in Bristol.

My experience within Business Development is substantial and varied including a number of key positions in G4S, Yell, ActionCOACH and Business Insider. This introduced me to stakeholders in the region and gave me a good understanding of the way the local business community operates. I am passionate about the region and business growth within it, thus dedicating my business to supporting and nurturing local business development.

These days my role in the business is to work with our clients to create a focused business development strategy that gets them the results they need to grow their business. Based on demand from our clients, I utilise my sales and training experience to help them improve their sales success in their businesses, ensuring they get better value for money from our lead generation experience.

To do this, I rely on my extensive sales and business development career but also use knowledge gained through varied education programmes including:

  • Certificate in training practice
  • Spin selling
  • BA in International Relations

Sales Directors and Business Owners I work with and talk to often have concerns in the following areas:

  • They find new business sales difficult to convert
  • They are unsure of the best approach to identifying and developing new business
  • They find effective pipeline management difficult
  • Their sales staff is too busy to start new conversations and nurture interest
  • They worry about return on investment

If you, or someone you know, is finding sales, business development and lead generation difficult then let’s connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yafitdavis/ and start a conversation. Alternatively drop me an email to and we can book some time for an initial conversation.

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