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Stage 1: Learn how to do it yourself

Low Lead Generation Campaign Temperature GraphicThis stage includes two steps designed to help you start your own business development activity independently.

Set up package:

Aim: to help you get ready for a business development campaign ensuring you get the most out of the activity, putting you in a better position for getting tangible results for your business.

What is included:

  • Campaign strategy including a review and mutual discussion to create:
    • A clear definition of your target markets.
    • An analysis of the current opportunities for growth.
    • Recommended campaign priorities.
    • A detailed campaign plan.
  • Data development and research including:
    • Creating target market specific lists.
    • Researching and identifying key decision makers in particular companies.
    • Researching for telephone numbers and other contact details.
    • Sourcing static data lists.
  • Sales collateral creation including creating case studies, brochures, scripts, follow up emails and other documents you might need in the process.
  • Setting your business up on social media platforms, improving your profile and designing pages.

Business Training package:

  • Skills development workshops: Training sessions designed to improve both business development and sales knowledge and skills, for example:
    • Sales styles.
    • Interpersonal skills - getting more from prospect and customer meetings.
    • Communication styles and consideration.
    • Telephone skills.
    • Negotiation skills.
  • Ongoing mentoring and support:  Ongoing sessions designed to troubleshoot and progress current activities. This will help achieving overall targets quicker. In the sessions we will cover:
    • Reviewing their monthly progress against activity goals and KPIs.
    • Providing specific troubleshooting and support to tackle current issues.
    • Supporting ongoing planning and continued work towards achieved goals.
    • Reviewing of current pipeline and the best way to move sales forward.

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