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Planned purchases

Planned Purchases ImageDo you provide a product or service that businesses are legally obliged to buy?

For example, you might be operating within the following industries or similar: IT, telecom, facilities management, property management, recruitment, insurance.

When it comes to business development your key challenges are:

  • You operate in a competitive marketplace making it difficult to stand out
  • Companies tend to stick with current suppliers and are less likely to change unless they have an acute problem
  • Business development activities are therefore set for the long terms and it’s hard to achieve quick wins

Key advantages of using our services to support business development:

Our strategic outreach and regular nurturing activities will help you solve your key issues and get value from your marketing including:

  • Identifying contract renewals and creating a pipeline
  • Identifying companies who are having issues with current suppliers
  • Developing you brand identity within your target market
  • Keeping you front of mind when issues arise

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