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Sales Team Training

As a Sales Director or MD, do you resonate with the following scenarios:

  1. You have some great Account managers in your team, but they lack new business development skills
  2. You have taken on a number of new, inexperienced Sales Managers
  3. You are tasked with developing new markets to boost growth

When undertaking sales and business development training it is key to consider both skills training as well as on-going mentoring to ensure that you get best return on investment. Through working with sales directors and business development managers I have found that they usually struggle with the following:

  • Segment the market effectively whilst creating a suitable approach to behavioural styles and target markets
  • Creating systems that allow them to follow up and service relationships regularly
  • Establish and utilize an effective sales process
  • Developing strong negotiating style

The training framework below is designed to cover these issues in detail whilst providing both skills training and mentoring. As your specific needs and background are yet to be clarified and discussed I have included a variety of topics which can be further tailored to suit your team.

Skills development workshops:

Training sessions delivered as group workshops designed to improve both business development and sales knowledge and skills. I have included six workshops based on the team’s requirements:

Business development and lead generation:

  1. Target markets definition and focus
  2. Telephone skills
  3. Networking online and face to face

Sales skills:

  1. Sales process
  2. Sales styles & Interpersonal skills, getting more from customers meeting
  3. Becoming a specialist in your field

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