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Albany Cleaning Solutions

Sector: Commercial Contract Cleaning Provider
Services provided: Email marketing, Telemarketing, Lead nurturing

About Albany Cleaning Solutions

Albany Cleaning Solutions LogoAlbany Cleaning Solutions was launched in 2003 by Karen and Michael Tucker with a mission to provide an exceptional standard of commercial cleaning services. The key thinking that guides the company, is that every business is unique in their preference and needs for cleaning. They have created a tailored service with strong customer satisfaction. In the past 18 years, the business has grown strongly due to regular marketing and a sound reputation, including working with some key local and national brands.

How Your Business Development Team helped

Your Business Development team have been working with Albany Cleaning Solutions since the middle of 2021. Albany had previously run telemarketing activity but were getting few positive results. YBDT helped them to focus on the most suitable target markets and potential clients to maximise the potential for a good return on investment through their marketing activity.

YBDT have been producing email marketing campaigns to support a monthly Telemarketing activity. This activity is then supported with an ongoing lead nurturing service to bring potential clients to a point when they are ready to buy from Albany.


What does the client say about Your Business Development Team?

We caught up with the business owner Karen Tucker to get her view on working with Your Business Development Team.


How did you come to work with Your Business Development Team?

We were looking to increase our marketing activity and YBDT were recommended to me by our web designer who had worked with them before.


Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

My only concern was getting a good return on investment. We have worked with a telemarketing company which did not produce the results so I had my doubts. However, when I spoke to Yafit I was impressed with how enthusiastic she was about YBDT.

The fact that it was her own agency was also important to me. With another business owner you have the same sort of work ethic, so I decided it was worth a go.


How did you find the process of working with them?

I’ve been impressed. We took time to refine the process over the first few weeks and ensure the process matched our specific preferences. The team is now focused on the right target markets as we are very specific on the kind of contracts we are looking for.

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