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Building Relationships With Merchants And Distribution Channels

The problem:

In a marketplace that has a range of competing businesses from very small up to multi nationals it can be hard for the smaller businesses to get noticed on the merchant channel. They are competing against large companies with established rebate and stocking agreements in place, although the smaller business often provides a product or service that the large ones don’t replicate.

What can we offer?

To get our clients business we need to keep them in front of the buyers. Due to their busy lives the average branch manager or sales manager has little time to think about suppliers. They have an inventory of maybe 20,000 products as standard plus an infinite number of other materials they could get asked about occasionally. They don’t read emails so phone calls sensibly timed and kept short and relevant with a follow up email do get listened and responded to.

Who can we help?

The best suppliers for us to work with will…

  • Have an account with the merchants we are targeting for them.
  • Will have a clear product offer to their target sector
  • Will be an established company
  • Will have clear distribution routes for the product

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