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Driving Vision

Download a PDF of this case studySector: Building Information Modelling
Services provided: Telemarketing, Blogs, Email marketing, Website

About Driving Vision

Driving VisionLong-time entrepreneur Jean-Bertrand de Lartigue (known as JB) recognised an opportunity to support businesses in the construction sector who were struggling to embrace the relatively new area of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Working with partners Damien de Lartigue and Eze Phillips, and using the best technology available, Driving Vision was formed to work with small and medium-sized Architect, Quantity Surveyor and Structural Consultant practices.

Driving Vision advise on how to turn building data into operational knowledge, utilising the latest cloud, virtual reality and graphical tools to present 3 dimensional building concepts to clients and project partners.

How Your Business Development Team helped

With 40 years of identifying market opportunities, and going from start-up to success, JB knew he would need support to enter this highly specialised marketplace.

In late 2018 JB called on Yafit Davis of Your Business Development Team to provide help with a sales and marketing campaign.

To start the team quickly identified key industry contacts in the required geographic areas and then created a detailed strategic plan. It included; a website, email marketing, telephone follow-up, and regular blogs to discuss the key points of BIM and demonstrate Driving Vision’s expertise in the industry.

Regular meetings were held between Driving Vision’s management team and Yafit to check campaign progress and refine the messages.

The leads generated were fed back for follow up by JB and his colleagues, with support from YBDT to ensure the best approach was made from each opportunity.


The YBDT sales & marketing plan

YBDT presented and implemented a full integrated sales and marketing strategy that incorported the following elements:

  • Email marketing & Blogs
    These were used to explain key points about Driving Visions offerings.
  • Follow-up telemarketing
    Used to develop contacts and build business relationships.
  • Website
    To explain in more detail how BIM works and highlight the benefits of using it.

This work created a number of exciting leads for the Driving Vision team to explore and generated their first key prospect early on in the campaign.


Yafit and her team have supported our start up business, Driving Vision, through various business development activities since January 2019.

We found them to be very knowledgeable, hard-working, and highly committed.

Their experience, in conjunction with learning through being a part of the Driving Vision team has helped us to have a marketing strategy in place, all the sales, and marketing tools and materials necessary to get our first key prospect just three months after entering the market.

Jean-Bertrand de Lartigue, Chief Executive Officer, Driving Vision

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