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Express Property Services

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Express Property ServicesExpress Property Services started life in 1999 as a small company specializing in locksmith repairs and related carpentry. In 2017 Alan Hammick, the founder took a step back from the day to day running of Express Property Services and son Greg Hammick stepped into the role of Managing Director taking on responsibility for the day to day operating of the business.

Although starting life solely as a lock and door repair and replacement company, Express Property Services soon branched out into general maintenance and today covers all aspects of property maintenance from redecorating contracts to safety testing. As the number of trades on offer has grown, the company combined their Property Maintenance services to offer a multi-service response for a wide range of clients including private and commercial landlords with a small property portfolio, housing associations, house builders, charities, estate agents and facility management companies.


What we do for them

YBDT provides a marketing service to Express which includes e-mail and content marketing. we also support their lead generation and tendering operation through overseeing campaigns and providing advice when required.  We work very closely with Greg Hammick the MD and together we are working to achieve the business development strategy we developed. Greg is a great client to work with since he understands marketing and open to new suggestions, it is very much a partnership. Our mutual work has resulted in a number of new relationships contracts but also in better marketing systems such as the new websites.


What does the client say?

We spoke with Greg Hammick, Managing Director of Express Property Services to find out more about working with YBDT from his perspective;


How do you find working with Your Business Development Team?

They are good, very easy to work with. I have known Yafit for over two years now and it is a seamless relationship, not forced at all. We have a good working connection. It is easy to get a lot out of it. She has helped in other aspects of the business as well, like finding someone who has done a great job on our website and another company who supports our tendering process. Those offshoots have been very useful. Having someone who has a good knowledge of the market. 


How did you first hear about Your Business Development Team?

I was sent an email by one of their customers, PM. Property Management.  I was very impressed by the email, and I asked them about the source of the email and he referred me on to Yafit and her team.


What were your main concerns about this type of marketing?

There were no real concerns at all. As a newly appointed MD with ambitions for my business, I was in the market for ideas to improve our marketing. I was looking for someone give some direction to our effort. There have been tangible payoffs to their work and I wouldn’t want to be without it now.


Would you recommend them to others in your industry?

Absolutely and I have done many times. They are particularly useful to younger businesses looking to grow and expand.


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