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Kickstart Your Sales Operation

Kickstart Your Sales Operation with Your Business Development TeamWe believe that coming out of lockdown, when it finally comes, will be as quick and sharp as getting into it.  As an MD or Sales Director, you are likely to then need to generate new sales fast, in order to improve your cashflow. However, this may prove difficult due to a variety of reasons including:

  • Your sales pipeline will be depleted or expired.
  • Your sales people might become unmotivated and will need a “jumpstart” to get going.
  • You and the leadership team might be busy fixing other operational issues in the business and will not have the time to dedicate to selling.

Having said that, there could be an excellent opportunity to win new business and new market share which you will need to act on quickly.

What can you do now to give your company the best chance to recover fast?

To ensure you are well prepared to grow your sales rapidly you need to consider two key elements:

  • Generating new business leads and demand for your products
  • Support your sales people to ensure they are in a position to take advantage of the new opportunities generated

Our new service, Kickstart, will offer you just this and will make use of our experienced telemarketing team as well as our creative and sales training resources.

What are we offering?

  • Free target market workshop to support your new sales direction
  • Tailored sales coaching from our experienced partners
  • Building key skills and keeping the team accountable for delivering their sales target
  • B2B dedicated sales process based on expert strategy
  • Short term and long term solutions available (3-12 months)
  • Build a solution at a budget and intensity to suit your company

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