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Sector: Website development and digital marketing

Services provided: Telemarketing, Business development, Sales success consultancy

About the company

Newicon logoA design led software house based in Bristol, Newicon support a variety of digital based projects from website design through software development and digital marketing.

Launched in 2006 by Steve O’Brien, Newicon was set up to provide digital projects’ design and architecture as well as specialist web and software development. Rich O’Brien joined the team as a digital marketer in 2015 and gradually developed NewIcon’s digital marketing portfolio from scratch to a substantial level.

The company has developed strong reputation across its services through working with key companies like Bristol and Bath Science Park, Marble Supreme and Airbus.

How Your Business Development Team helped

As part of a developing relationship, Rich O’Brien at Newicon has approached YBDT to look at enhancing their sales through strategic lead generation. Through the strategy discussion it has become apparent that Newicon required additional support to enhance their sales operation. As a rapidly growing company, two areas where particularly discussed:

  • Effective follow up for new and ongoing leads
  • CRM sales management

The senior team at Newicon has had training before and a sales process was put in place following that. However, this was very complicated and cumbersome which made it hard to implement internally. To ensure that the lead generation campaign we planned got the best return, Yafit at YBDT also embarked on simplifying and improving the Newicon sales process.
This included:

  • A review of the current sale process to ascertain what was missing or unclear.
  • A discussion with the senior team to understand their growth plans and current sales operation.
  • A delivery of workable and effective sale process document.

Here is what the client had to say:

I would like to thank Yafit and her team at Your Business Development Team for their awesome service. Since day one they have been attentive to our needs, provided expert advice, and patient support, and have been willing to go the extra mile to make the campaigns work.

We have been working together for around 6 months now on growing our digital pipeline for specific market sectors and have seen some great results. Yafit is extremely knowledgeable in all things sales and marketing and really does help bring sales into marketing as it should be.

Working directly with my management team she has also broken down the sales process into a much more manageable set of tasks/features and this was a breath of fresh air compared to other overly complicated systems previously given to us.

I would highly recommend Yafit and her team to businesses actively looking to build and manage effective sales pipelines or looking for strategic business development campaigns.

Rich O’Brian, Head of Digital. Newicon

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