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Product Launches: Royall Wealth Club Launch Event

Download a PDF of this case studySector: Health, Wealth & Happiness
Services provided: Social media, Email marketing, Telemarketing, Content creation

Product Launches: Royall Wealth Club

Derrick Royall is the driving force behind The Royall Wealth Partnership and is an established financial advisor with many years experience in financial services.

Derrick’s approach is to bring money to life and is based on his belief that complete wellness comes from the marriage of health, wealth and happiness which is at the heart of Derrick’s new venture, the Royall Wealth Club.

This is a new framework for successful people to meet, share and develop their personal goals. Through holding quarterly meetings and staging a variety of speakers the Club will provide members with further understanding and skills to help them achieve success around Health, Wealth and Happiness.

How Your Business Development Team helped

Derrick spent a long time meeting with thought leaders in the industry to seek advice and inspiration for his new venture. This helped him with the concept and to develop things further.

However, in order to get his new product off the ground he needed to create an interest in the market and provide an opportunity for interested parties to hear more.

It was at this stage that Derrick approached Your Business Development Team (YBDT) to draw and implement a plan to get the Royall Wealth Club visibility and interest in the market place.

The goal for YBDT was to get fifty interested parties to register and to attend a launch event which was set for October.

The project would very much be a joint venture between Your Business Development Team and Derrick and his team and is typical of the work that YBDT get involved in.

The YBDT sales & marketing plan

YBDT started working on the project covering the following steps:

  • Identifying the concept and main selling points of the Club.
  • Identifying the key target markets and assessing where they would be found in the market place.
  • Creating the various content for the website and brochure alongside Derrick and his team.
  • Planning and implementing marketing campaigns covering Social Media, email marketing and telemarketing to maximize publicity and registration to the event.
  • Involving guest speakers and partners to share posts and invite their own networks to maximize on the event’s visibility.

Here is what Derrick said:

Product Launches: Royall Wealth Club TestimonialTo set up a new venture from scratch can be very daunting and it is hard to dedicate enough time when you are also still running another business, as we are with our Wealth Planning company The Royall Wealth Partnership. Yafit was a great help to structure a coherent plan to write and post a series of blogs to attract attention to the event and to follow up with targeted emails and telephone calls. She made sure that we got things completed to meet our timetable for the launch event.

I am sure that without the help of Yafit and her team I would not have had the impetus and focus to run such a successful first event. Thank you!

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