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Spot on Mortgages

Download a PDF of this case studySector: Mortgage Advice
Services provided: Blogs, Email marketing, Website optimisation

Spot On MortgagesIan Le Petit launched Spot on Mortgages in 2009 to help people make better choices when re-mortgaging or applying for a mortgage for the first time.

He then grew the company quickly due to his financial focus, excellent customer service and hard work.

Ian had developed a great reputation for sound, independent advice and grew the company’s customer base through mortgage advice and additional products such as buy to let mortgages and insurance.

After his son joined the business, as an additional mortgage advisor, Ian started to look at growing the company even further.

How Your Business Development Team helped

As part of Ian’s quest he approached Your Business Development Team (YBDT) to help put together a business development plan and support implementation. YBDT identified two main areas of growth:

Business from existing clients

We recommended that Spot on Mortgages communicated regularly with its existing clients. To do this we used blogging and email marketing which were produced and posted bi-monthly.

Increased website enquiries

We commissioned a web review to identify the main areas of improvement for the Spot on Mortgages’ website.

What does the client say about Your Business Development Team?

We asked Ian Le Petit, Managing Director of Spot on Mortgages Ltd, to find out more about what he thought it was like, from his prospective, to work with Your Business Development Team.

What made you decide to work with Your Business Development Team?

I had been thinking of ways to expand the presence of Spot on Mortgages and reach out to new and old clients. I had used email newsletters in the past but with an increased workload never found the time to continue on a regular basis. We had already met, I knew that you had worked with Rob Carter at Action Coach and also of the type of work you were involved in before that. This made me think that we could work together well.

What do you like about the process of working with us?

I like the idea of having a six month plan of content topics and that there is a structured timescale to produce information. It helps me that you are local but also that you are contactable and will always return my calls.

What are the main advantages to your business?

I always know where I am and what we are doing regarding the plan for our social media and E-mail marketing campaigns. It is a great benefit to be able to write some notes on a subject (difficult for me as it is) then pass these on to someone who you know will then create a good newsletter/blog and post this out on time, as planned.

Would you recommend us to other businesses?

Yes, I would recommend Your Business Development Team to anyone who feels they need to increase their social media presence but just hasn't the time or the knowledge to do so themselves.

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