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T&P Regeneration

Sector: Geotechnical Engineering
Services provided: Telemarketing, Lead & pipeline nurturing, Sales enablement consultancy, Business Development Training

About T&P Regeneration

T&P Regen LogoT&P regeneration provide a full suite of Geotechnical and Geo-environmental engineering including site investigation, consultancy and remedial contracting services. Their clients include house builders, developers, construction companies, architects and contractors.

How Your Business Development Team helped

YBDT have worked with T&P Regeneration for the past five years providing lead generation and nurturing using data sourced from an industry portal. Recently we have been involved in supporting the senior management team with increased client nurturing activity including tailored sales and business development training.

As part of the process, Yafit reviewed and supported the revision of the company sales process ensuring that current success was built upon and developed. To ensure that each team member was assigned the right role in supporting sales, we run some individual assessments to identify skilled areas and preferences.

A key part of the training was the creation of a shared sales process document for use across the team.  Once created, we provided tailored a series of training sessions to introduce the updated process and cover specific areas such as follow up and lead qualification. During a series of mentoring sessions that followed this, team members were guided through the sales process to demonstrate how it can benefit them and how to conduct those in an industry that is very resistant to sales activity

What do T&P Regeneration say about YBDT?

We caught up with T&P Regeneration MD Mike Nicholas to get his views on working with YBDT.

How did you come to work with YBDT?

I knew Yafit from working with her in a previous role. We had kept in touch through business networking and when we were looking for support with Business Development, I recognised that we did not have the right set of skills internally and it would make sense to outsource the lead generation to YBDT to create a pipeline of opportunities.

Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

As I knew Yafit and had worked with her before I had confidence in her and the team. So, the normal concerns about getting a good return on investment didn’t really apply because there was already a level of trust there.

How do you find the process of working with them?

It’s very simple. One of the main positives of working with YBDT is that Yafit is good at holding her clients accountable, in a constructive way, for what will benefit them.  They are flexible and quick to respond when they need to be.

You have also worked with Yafit on sales training and mentoring for your team.

The sales training with Yafit was very useful.  She was able to communicate and demonstrate the need for a defined sales process. She provided tailored advice and mentoring to members of the team who were tasked with dealing with existing clients, and those who were prospecting for new ones. Her approach was supported by clear processes for each scenario. The workshops with the team were successful.

Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

I would definitely recommend the team. What I would say is to spend the time with Yafit and the team, so they get a proper understanding of what you do, as the insights we have gained form that have been very valuable. Also, I would say that you need to give YBDT time to get to know you and achieve the results you want. It isn’t a quick fix, but does work well in the long term.

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