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TAB (The Alternative Board) – Bristol North

Sector: Business coaching and personal mentoring
Services provided: Email Marketing, Telemarketing, LinkedIn, research & communication

About the company

TAB - The Alternative Board LogoTAB (The Alternative Board) is a franchise organisation comprised of experienced directors and executives who help other entrepreneurs take their company to the next level through supportive advisory boards made up of other local business owners, expert 1-2-1 coaching, and a suite of business tools.

Jonathan O’Shea is the Managing Director of TAB Bristol North. He has over 30 years business experience as an Accountant and as a Finance Director and Chief Executive in the not for profit sector. His experience in the retail, property and financial sectors make him ideally placed to advise businesses in many industries.

How Your Business Development Team helped

Your Business Development Team were asked to develop a lead generation strategy for Jonathan’s TAB business in August 2019. There were several challenges for us to take into account:

  1. Due to the way the territories are divided up, Jonathan needs to focus his marketing on a small territory which meant that we have to get the most of each contact.
  2. The target market is the MDs and owners of the businesses which can be difficult to get hold of

With an aim to target larger organisations as part of his growth plan, a range of tactics are used to contact the less easily contacted senior executives and business owners in this business grouping.

Your Business Development Team provide Email marketing coupled with telephone contact that nurtures the relationship with these key contacts and builds on their understanding of the TAB offer.

Research into potential LinkedIn connections is also carried out and initial communication made. With the advent of Covid-19 a new approach was employed with business owners of all sizes being invited to free Taster Board zoom sessions, when face to face meetings became hard to organise.

This provides a clear appreciation of how TAB could help them in a particularly challenging time of their business lives.

What does the client say about Your Business Development Team?

Jonathan O'Shea, TAB (Bristol North) Managing DirectorWe caught up with TAB (Bristol North) Managing Director, Jonathan O’Shea to learn about the work from his perspective.


How did you come to work with Your Business Development Team?

I had met Yafit through business networking in 2017 and she had worked with me in TAB since then. When I needed to look at lead generation then I naturally came to Your Business Development Team.


Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

I did have a slightly unfair advantage in that I had two years’ worth of knowledge about how Yafit and her team worked before they started working on my business. So, I was fully confident in their ability to support me.


How did you find the process of working with them?

It was good, very professional. The strategy was put together very well, and we have monthly reviews to see how the work is progressing, firstly with Yafit and now with Nadine.


Will you recommend them to others in your industry? What will you particularly tell them if asked?

Yes, I would recommend and them, and yes, I have! I have introduced a few people to Your Business Development Team. If you are looking for some to help grow your business and generate leads, they are a great place to go to and have a conversation.

I know the process and structure works in different businesses and sectors, which shows that their work with me is not a fluke. That gives me the confidence to refer Yafit and her team.

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