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TC Consult

Sector: Quantity Surveyors & Construction Project Managers

Services provided: Lead and Pipeline nurturing, Telemarketing, Email marketing, Sales consultancy

About the company

TC Consult

TC Consult began as a typical technical consultancy relying on existing connections and clients within the construction industry. Initial growth and development were based mainly on referrals and existing contact as the company grew organically. In 2019, the company has put together a new vision based on becoming a ‘professionalised’ £2M business by 2024. As part of the process, the company has produced an ambitious growth plan covering increased marketing activity as well as team development and recruitment. To support this vision, TC has put together year on year growth goals based on developing new and existing contacts which will allow them to quote and win work at the required levels. As part of this a number of lead funnels were set up including:

  • Nurturing existing contacts and clients
  • Digital and content marketing
  • Website development
  • Strategic lead generation

How Your Business Development Team helped

YBDT was brought in to support the growth plan in 2020. Through building a pipeline of new referral partners as well as nurturing existing relationships and new opportunities from other channels such as paid search. One of TC Consult’s main issues is lack of time. Even before lead generation levels were increased, the senior team found it difficult to keep on top of the calls and communication required. YBDT was able to take over the initial follow up of new leads and the continued follow up required to keep developing the relationships across the portfolio. In addition, Yafit Davis from YBDT, has been involved with redrawing the sales process ensuring it was streamlined and supporting increased sales conversion and return on investment.

What does the client say about Your Business Development Team?

We caught up with TC Consult director and Co-owner David Champs for his view on working with YBDT.


How did you come to work with Your Business Development Team?

Gareth at Really Helpful Marketing and our own marketing consultant were both really complimentary about their work with YBDT. Gareth set up a meeting with Yafit and we went from there.


Did you have any concerns before you started the project?

I was concerned about the technical side. How an outsourced lead generation team might grasp our specialism in consultancy and convey that. As we hadn’t used any outsourced sales I was interested to see how that was going to be overcome. So not concerns as such but anticipation of how it would all work.


How did you find the process of working with them?

On the lead generation side it has been different as the method was not something I was used to. I’ve enjoyed working with the team on the emails. What is good that there is a schedule, the email goes out every month to a new audience that will be receiving information about us. It will be driven through to them rather than relying on them searching for us on Google or RICS. It’s new, but it’s positive. The sales consultancy has really developed nicely. We had recently brought a CRM on board and are still getting used to it. It has really helped us focus on the most valuable areas of our expertise and reduced our admin time. The sales process is almost done and will be very useful in utilising the CRM.


Will you recommend them to others in your industry?
What will you particularly tell them if asked?

Yes, I would. Absolutely. I would say using YBDT gives you an opportunity to focus on your sales process, find new sources for lead generation and it helps you focus on your core business. Ultimately, it’s a much quicker more efficient process than trying to organically grow a sales team. If you are familiar with your core business but not with sales, why would you try and create a spec for a business development manager when you could use experts to help you and see results a lot quicker?


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