Monthly Archives: June 2023

Managing lead generation for those unplanned purchases

Last month we looked at how you can manage your lead generation for clients whose buying patterns are predictable. They may have specific renewal dates, or predictable contract endings that allow you to target them at the most appropriate times. But what about everybody else? They may not know when they will need your service, so how do you keep in front of them, so they think of you first when the time comes?

Understanding your target audience is crucial. Identifying key characteristics that set their patterns of purchasing apart from other market segments will help you recognise the best ways to keep in contact with them. Defining the target markets, looking at the opportunities for growth and understanding who the key competitors are important steps to take before starting to build a strategy for your lead generation. 

Strategic planning of your lead generation is an essential step to making your lead generation effective. You may not know when your prospects plan to buy initially, but through planned contact over a period of time you will find out more about their own business goals and objectives and through that gain an understanding of their likely purchasing plans. By building a detailed comprehensive strategy with clear time bound goals and KPIs you can assess and refine your strategy until it meets your prospect’s expectations.  

Building trust and establishing relationships is the single most important task in taking initial interest and developing that into prospects who have a genuine interest in your products and services. Customers who don’t spend regularly on your type of products and services often have more time to make decisions before making a purchase. Building trust and establishing relationships becomes critical in these cases. The benefit is that you will also have more time to demonstrate the advantages of dealing with you. Implementing strategies that foster trust, such as providing valuable, informational content through blogs, direct emails and regular contact are ideal for prospects in this situation. Above all focus on problem solving and giving value back to your prospects through your marketing.

Nurturing leads to convert initial interest into something more solid needs to be specific and closely targeted. Building your lead generation work around regular contact, through email, and on the phone will gradually guide them through the buying journey. You can offer additional resources, case studies, and testimonials. But above all be consistent in connecting with them.

That gives us the chance to remind you of our favourite lead generation stat her at YBDT. Wanda Allen’s ‘80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact yet, 90% of sales people make 3 contacts or less’.

Generating leads for clients with customers who don’t spend regularly requires a strategic and tailored approach. Remember that consistency and adaptability are key when dealing with customers who have irregular spending patterns. With the right strategies in place, you can overcome this challenge and unlock new growth opportunities. After years of building sustainable effective marketing for our clients, and ourselves, we have a toolbox of techniques and insights into market sectors and prospective client behaviour that make YBDT the ideal choice to support your lead generation. Get in touch to book a discovery call, that is the first step to your business growth.