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Get GDPR Ready: Expert advice from Matt Richardson of Recognition Express on why you should use promotional gifts in your marketing

Day to day we live in a world where we are bombarded by technology.  If it’s not emails, its ‘likes’, tweets, snaps, shares, PM’s, notifications, requests to link etc etc etc. It’s all noise.  Noise that we are all familiar with and by being used to it, we sometimes don’t see it or even ignore […]

GDPR experts forum- PR advice

Get GDPR ready: Expert advice from Rupert Janisch of Elmhay PR on the benefits of story telling

There’s a slightly upsetting chicken and egg situation with Public Relations as a marketing tactic for small businesses. I come across it all the time and it’s this: Conjure up an internal image of a PR agency, and you’d be forgiven for thinking sparkly office, blue sky thinking, expensive champagne lunches and power point presentations. […]

GDPR monster

GDPR is coming – Three considerations to get your business ready

In his new book, Mapping Innovation, Greg Satell came up with some very clever insights regarding innovation. If you have not read it, here is his conclusion: ‘Many organizations get stuck because they end up locking themselves into a single strategy. Every strategy fails eventually because you have to match solutions to problems, not the […]

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Monopoly v. competition, or why do new start-ups need a business development strategy too?

I have made two, great new discoveries recently. Audible (old hat I know) and Peter Thiel’s recent book, Zero to One.  Peter Thiel, who famously created and sold Paypal, states in his book that new technology of all types is more important than globalisation. This is because the latter is based on taking a product […]