10 questions to consider before getting your new company to market

  1. What will you solve? What pain are you relieving for your clients and what will they achieve through working with you?
  1. Who are you targeting? Who will be suffering most from the pain you relieve or relish the advantage you offer. Be very specific, including gender, age, geography as well their main challenge and what they are looking to achieve.
  1. Why you? What is your USP? What can you do that your competition can’t? This does not have to be completely unique but others are not shouting about it.
  1. How much will it cost? Work out your pricing strategy and make sure it cover your costs on-going
  1. What will be your bate? Most people engage first by making a small purchase to try it out. Can you offer an initial product or service which allows you to speak with your customers and build a relationship?
  1. Who is your competition? Find out the main players in your market. Who could you bench yourself against? What are they offering which you could use?
  1. Who can recommend you? Are there people you have worked with already, in your new business or previously? Get some testimonials and case studies done. A lot of people like to do something others have done before.
  1. How many new customers can you handle? Work this out on a month by month basis and set out revenue and profit targets. This will also support your pricing strategy and help you keep on track with your plan.
  1. How will you go about selling? Set up your process in detailed stages and evaluate it on a regular basis. This will be the key to converting more of your newly found leads.
  1. What is your plan? Work out your top strategies for business development, who will you approach first and how?Happy Selling

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