My target market? It’s anyone with a business right?

Well, how many times have you heard this statement or thought it yourself?  Researching for this Blog I found a quote from an American author called Jarod Kintz which made me laugh so I thought I would share it;

“The cool thing about vests is they have no sleeves. I guess their target market is people with no arms. Raise your hand if you disagree.”

I know I often write about things that you have heard before. This is mainly because there isn’t much in business development that is ground breaking or particularly new. The real challenge in business development is about actually doing something about it and consistently… And you know this too right?

I am a big advocate of knowing your target markets and understanding as much about them as possible. The reason being that when it comes to business development it is really important to know who you want to appeal to and then work out what is your specific opportunity and USP in their particular industry. The reality is that in the over-communication we are all experiencing, being specific and relevant to a target market is key to getting their attention, and you can only do this by identifying them and understanding them better.

So, if this sounds logical to you, here is what you could do to get you started on this:

  1. Write a list of all your target markets
  2. Identify their main problem in relation to your solution
  3. Identify what they are trying to achieve on a basic level
  4. Identify what they are trying to achieve to make them stand out
  5. Think what is your main USP in relation to this
  6. Identify the main product you should promote to them

When you have done this, e-mail me and we can work out your main opportunities and next steps.

Happy researching!

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