Sales Skills: Order takers and order getters

Wondering what on earth I am talking about? Here are the definitions according to Business Dictionary:

Order taker: A type of salesperson who only collects orders but does not make any diligent attempt to find new customers, or to persuade existing customers to increase the size or frequency of their orders.

Order getter: A Type of salesperson who increases the firm’s sales revenue by acquiring orders from new customers and more orders from the existing customers.

Which sales person would you like in your business?

Before you all rush to say that you would like an order getter, remember that it all depends on your sales goals and business environment. In some situations, order takers can be just the ticket as they are more customer service orientated. Order getters, as their name suggest, can sometimes come across as aggressive, which is not what you need in every situation.

I found a quote I particularly like which supports my above point, from The Sales Guy:

‘There is a big difference between an order taker and an order maker.  Order makers are indispensable to their customers and to their company.  Order takers take orders and when the orders dry up . . . you hope you have an order maker.’

How do you decide on the matter? If you are considering taking a new sales person on board, before you call the recruitment company or post your advert, have a think about the following aspects:

  • What are the main opportunities the sales person will be working on?
  • What are the target markets they will be appealing to?
  • Which of your products and services will they be focusing on?
  • What will the sales process look like?

I cannot stress enough how important It is to clarify your opportunities, target markets and sales goals before you get a sales person on the case. Like all professionals, your new sales person will require direction, goals and KPIs in order to drive the type of sales you would like.

A lack of preparation on your part may well result in a failure of your new appointment and a disappointment to all involved so take it seriously. If you lack experience and knowledge of sales I would strongly recommend that you seek external help.

Here are a few things we can do to help you out.


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