Direct mail and e-mail marketing: when to use which?

You might be wondering why I am dedicating so much time to considering e-mail v direct mail recently. Apart from the fact that I think it is always important to consider the tactics you use and these are two big ones for lead generation, I am also gearing up for the new data protection regulations (GDPR) which will affect the use of e-mail marketing campaigns as a major tactic. As always when there is a shift in the market I think business owners need to be prepared and weigh up their options so I thought I will put a few ideas your way.

My last Blog explored much of the comparison statistics covering the use of e-mail as opposed to direct mail, highlighted some interesting facts. However, this Blog will give you a few ideas as to when to use these tactics effectively when developing new business;

When should you use e-mail marketing?

Being quick, cost effective and direct, e-mails are a great way of presenting information, creating an interest and keeping contacts up to date with your latest information. In fact, according to numerous survey people prefer to hear about new companies and new products via e-mails. For example, you could use e-mails for the following;

  • To keep regular contact with clients, prospects and contacts letting them know what you are up to and imparting knowledge to add value
  • To promote a seminar or an event which is relevant to the readers
  • To make initial contact with a new target market using a relevant and helpful style communication

When should you use direct mail?

Direct mail campaigns are more expensive to produce and send if you want to ensure that it looks right. It can also be harder to gauge in terms of results unless you follow up by telephone. It is for this reason that you should use direct mail when you want to make a difference and an impact on your target market. For example you can use direct mail for the following:

  • To launch a new product, service or office
  • To approach a completely new target market
  • To send vouchers and other appropriate gifts
  • To offer very personalised advice which will make your offer stand out

What is the best approach to take?

You know what is coming now, don’t you? The best approach depends on what you are trying to achieve and who you are approaching… Still, I would try and introduce a variety of touches in each campaign to increase your return. So for example you can send an e-mail to your list followed up with a direct mail campaign and a telephone follow up. There are lots of innovative ways you could utilise to create the right impression and maximize on your return.

Overall it is important to remember that a successful campaign takes an investment of both time and money. You need goals, strategy and a plan and then you need a little patience to get things going.

As always, happy to discuss further: here is some information about our strategic planning offer. Otherwise just drop me a line or share what works for you in your business.

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