Building results on knowledge

A leading American sales strategist Mike Puglia said: “Establishing trust is better than any sales technique.” When you are looking at developing a strategy for sustainable sales growth the quality of the relationships you have developed with your prospective clients will be critical to your success.

Building those relationships and the trust that goes with them needs to be planned carefully. Without an overarching plan, any sales activity will lack focus and outcomes will be harder to measure. A sales and marketing plan needs to cover all the elements needed to deliver new customers to your business. To do that you need to build understanding of who they are and where to find them. In particularly, you need to consider the below elements:

  • Target market analysis – A target market analysis assesses how your product or service fits into the markets where it will gain the most traction with customers. A target market analysis will help you establish strategies for effective marketing and sales techniques, by simply being where your clients are.
  • Finding opportunities for growth – Identifying where clients’ needs are not being met within the market place, or where problems are left unsolved, are good places to find opportunities for sales growth.
  • Setting clear goals – We have all come across SMART objectives and they remain a good guide to goal setting. They provide a base for building KPIs against which you can assess the success of your plan.

YBDT can work with you to build a sustainable sales and marketing strategy. Creating that plan will require a comprehensive understanding of your business, and we undertake the analysis of both your business and the marketplace that will build the knowledge needed to create sales growth. With that strategy created we will then be able to support its roll out into your business through our Sales Enablement service.

Building a sales process tailored to your business and supporting the training of your sales team in its implementation are the first steps. It may be that our business development team can support the early generation and nurturing of the leads created by your plan, freeing up your skilled salesforce to concentrate on closing deals and supporting existing business.

Our experience in all aspects of sales and marketing support makes us the ideal partner for businesses looking to grow in 2022. We can help you create and implement a clear business development strategy and generate and nurture leads to the point that your sales team can take them on to orders.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help or watch this 60 second video to learn more about our service:

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