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One of the big changes in the sales landscape over the last ten years has been the move towards closer integration between sales and marketing teams. Sales integration allows marketing and sales teams to work together generating awareness of your products and services to a target audience, and then converting those leads into orders. In the past marketing was carried out to generate leads, with a sales team then picking up the leads to progress them to close. In the more integrated world of today both sales and marketing may be involved at all stages to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

Your sales pipeline is a representation of where all of your prospects are in the sales process, is essential. It helps you plan your likely revenue and gauge the state of your business. But it is reliant on the information you feed into it. W. Edwards Deming said, “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and this is never truer than when looking at your sales pipeline.

By integrating the lead generation and follow up with the negotiation and closing of the sale you have the opportunity to review your progress, understand the client’s requirements and maximise every opportunity, now or in the future. The days of isolated external salespeople pounding the streets and knocking on doors are gone. The companies making a success of sales are the ones who have an integrated support network to feed their front-line sales team with high quality leads ready to buy. Attracting the best sales professionals in a market where they have their pick of jobs means that you need the team in place to generate and nurture those leads.

Your Business Development Team provide an end-to-end strategic service that supports your existing sales team and puts your business in the front rank of companies the best wants to work for. We take you through the steps to creating and managing a sales pipeline that will fuel your sustainable growth.

  • Business Development Strategy – An integrated sales and marketing strategy is needed to bring focus to your activities. We build a clear understanding of your business to ensure that we can help you deliver your business aspirations
  • Lead Generation – In line with the strategy we find the best lead generation channels for your business. Digital and offline channels are used to ensure the best coverage of your ideal markets.
  • Lead Nurturing – This is the critical activity. Taking the time to nurture your prospects to the point that they are ready to buy can take your existing salespeople away from supporting and retaining existing business. YBDT’s lead nurturing service is the answer.
  • Sales Enablement – We support the creation of a tailored sales process for your business. Bringing a clear, concise, shared process together with all sales and marketing collateral into a single point will help embed the process in the company, and support ongoing staff training.

 To succeed in sales, you need to recruit the best people for your market. Being able to offer them a clear path to sales success is what YBDT can do for you, keeping your best sellers focused on the critical path to orders. If you want results-driven services that are tailored to your specific business targets and goals, we can help. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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